How to Choose corect dress size when online Shopping ?

How to Choose corect dress size when online Shopping ?

How to Choose corect dress size when online Shopping ?

It is so frustrating to choose a suitbale size in an online store.AS dress sizes are different at most stores,You need read every size table.However, as long as you know your body measurements, it is not a problem to figure out which sizes work best for you.

Part1 Measuring your body

1.Measure the bust.

    Get One measuring tape (a dress maker's soft tape measure for preference) goes under your arms,pull tapes accoss the fullest part to measure the bust to get the proper is your bust measurement.please be attention it is not your bra size.usually formal gowns such as prom dress and evening dress have  a built in bra.and when measuring,wear an non padded cups bra or don't wear a bra.

    2.Measure the Waist.

    This is the smallest part of your waistline.usualy 2 inches up from your belly button .Make sure it's not too tight and that it's straight

    3.Measure your hips.

      Stand with your feet together. Measure around the fullest part of your hips. This is typically midway between your crotch and your belly button.tape should brush across both hipsbones


       Stand stright with feet together,measure with bare feet.begin at top of head and pull tape stright down to floor.Tell the shoes heel height you will wear if you want wear a high heels

      6. If the dress has a sleeves,you need tell sleeve length(depend on whether it Is a long sleeves , half sleeve or short sleeves) ,  arm hole and arm girth(biceps)                                                           


        Part2 Find Your Size at shopping Stores

        1.Some stores t use the typical 6, 8, 10, 12 etc. some use  XS, S, M, etc. others use Euro size,all you need to do is Convert numbers to detail measurement inches or centimeters

        2.The easiest and safe way is to ask salesmen ,email them or get online chat to ask your suitable size before place order.

        3.Leave note when place order.leave your measurements for details ,they will contact you if they have some doubts about your size or they can choose suitable size for you depening on your information.





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