About Us

Welcome to Siaoryne!

Founded in 2015, Siaoryne is a company specializing in professionally tailored wedding dresses and Formal Gown for special occasions.

We are a team with abundant experience and a great passion. We are committed to providing customers with high quality products at competitive prices and fulfilling customers’ every requirement.

The Best Source to Turn Your Event into Something Truly Special

For weddings, anniversaries, and parties of all sorts, the supplies and fashions you use reflect the importance and glamour of the occasion. Get the best items for your event without breaking your budget at Siaoryne. We are a trusted global online retailer that gives you the highest quality event supplies—from custom-made couture bridal dresses and unique jewelry to a wide range of elegant party supplies—to make your special moment unforgettable.

We value your comments and suggestions, as they are significant to our growth and development. Siaoryne knows how important prom night/Wedding Day is for you and that is why we strive to maintain our motto of Making High Quality Dress for you.If you have any questions, please fee free to contact us.